Sport Society

Sport Society Privacy Policy:


It is important that you understand what information Sport Society collects and uses and how you can control it.


We explain this to you in detail in our updated Sport Society Privacy Policy and you can review the key points below.


Why does Sport Society use your data?


  • To provide you with a personalized sports experience, improve our services, understand how users use Sport Society, display ads, and much more.


  • Likewise, we use geolocation to provide the most important service, which is to know how many people are practicing sports at this time so that users can enjoy this information to make decisions.


Some examples of data that Sport Society collects and uses are:


  • Your information, content and location


This may include any information you share with us, for example: the address of the societies where you play sports and the photos you upload to the Sport Society map, comments sections, and profiles.


Location and activity:

This can include the details of your routes, sites you have searched, and device information. Our goal is to use this data for the betterment of all-around experience of our users, ensure the quality of societies that are available users, maintain quality standards of the highest level, and provide useful decision-making information for our users based upon the number of players within those societies.


Voice and sound activity

This can include recording your voice when you choose to use voice commands or when you create custom prompts.


You can always adjust your settings by accessing Privacy Settings in the app.

Thanks for understanding!




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