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Developer & Design Credits


To begin, we'd like to thank everyone who is, was, and will be involved with SportSociety App!


This whole project works only if we all work together to make a better society for everyone.

We want everyone to know that your contributions are invaluable to helping make the entire sporting community come together to create a better place to enjoy our combined passions, be it Playing, Watching, or Attending our favorite sports.


Our goal for SportSociety App has always been and will always be, to create a more unified sports world, both in person and digitally.

Therefore, it is our distinguished pleasure to thank and honor all of the individuals, teams, and organizations that have provided any form contribution to helping make SportSociety App possible. We believe in the value of hard work and giving credit where it is due. In the information below, we have listed as many work credits as we were able to locate and do not claim be the original owners of everything created in the app. However, if you believe that you contributed to some aspect of SportSociety App and did not find your name listed for your work, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page so that we may credit you! If for some reason you do not wish your work to continue to contribute to the SportSociety App, again please reach out to us via our Contact Us page, and we will arrange to have it removed from the app.

Again, we thank everyone involved with the creation, development, and future growth of the SportSociety App, we hope it will make you both proud and provide you with a better sporting world. 

Very Gratefully,

SportSociety App Developer Team


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SportSociety Management & Consulting

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Conector Global


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The Terms were last updated on: 06 January 2022.

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