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Barcelona's best beaches for volleyball


Barcelona is a city renowned for its beautiful Mediterranean beaches. If you're a volleyball enthusiast, you'll be delighted to know that Barcelona has several beaches that are ideal for playing this exciting sport. In this article, we'll explore the city's best beaches for playing volleyball. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, these beaches offer the perfect setting to enjoy the sun, sand and volleybeach.

Bogatell Beach:

Located in the Poblenou district, Bogatell beach is an excellent choice for volleybeach enthusiasts. It's less busy than some of the city's other beaches, which means there's usually plenty of space to set up a volleyball court. The facilities are well maintained, with volleyball nets available for players. What's more, Bogatell beach enjoys a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, ideal for concentrating on the game.

Barceloneta beach:

Barceloneta beach is undoubtedly one of Barcelona's most popular beaches. It attracts thousands of visitors every year thanks to its central location and lively atmosphere. As well as relaxing on the golden sands, you can also play volleyball here. Volleyball courts are often set up along the beach, offering players the chance to indulge their passion while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nova Icaria beach:

Located close to Barceloneta beach, Nova Icaria beach is another fantastic option for volleybeach enthusiasts. It's a well-maintained beach and relatively less crowded, making it an ideal place to play volleyball without feeling too cramped. You can find ready-to-use volleyball facilities here, as well as open spaces to organise your own matches. Enjoy the pleasant ambience and relaxed atmosphere while improving your volleyball skills.

Mar Bella beach:

Mar Bella beach is a more spacious and less touristy beach in Barcelona. It is known as a younger and more vibrant beach, attracting a more fashionable crowd. This beach also offers superb volleyball facilities, with well-maintained courts and volleyball nets available. In addition, Mar Bella beach often hosts volleyball tournaments and events, offering players the opportunity to take part in friendly competitions and meet other enthusiasts of the sport.


Whether you're a keen volleyball player or just looking to have some fun playing the sport on the beach, Barcelona has a variety of beaches to suit your needs. Bogatell beach, Barceloneta beach, Nova Icaria beach and Mar Bella beach all offer quality volleyball facilities, as well as beautiful surroundings to enjoy the game and the Mediterranean sun. So get your volleyball ready and head to these beaches for an unforgettable volleybeach experience in Barcelona.

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